Athena Leadership was founded in 2011, and since then has focused on providing opportunities for ongoing learning, connection, and leadership development to women professionals in Manitoba.  Athena Leadership hosts monthly member events, and also leads annual philanthropic initiatives such as Dress for Success, its annual summer fundraiser, and the Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship to give back to its surrounding community and provide meaningful opportunities for women and girls.



To be Manitoba’s most prominent leadership group providing women with personal and professional development through mentorship, networking, and philanthropic endeavours.



Athena Leadership is a developmental forum, providing opportunity for like-minded women to network, enhance leadership ability, and share expertise. It provisions learning and mentorship, philanthropic commitment, board representation, and creation of stronger networks. Athena encourages its members to think bigger, and develop themselves personally and professionally in setting example for others.



Athena leadership defines and governs itself through values of Empowerment, Integrity, and Philanthropy. 



1)  Provide meaningful connections to women

2)  Provide supportive and professional environment to learn from others

3)  Provide leadership opportunities

4)  Promote, foster, and encourage growth in women through diversity, education, and discussion